Bench-Scale Testing

Often the first step to developing a new ion exchange process is to perform bench-scale tests.  These tests may be batch equilibrium tests in a beaker or column tests.  Chemionex has an extensive inventory of different ion exchange resins and columns for these tests, along with the required chemicals and auxiliary equipment such as tanks, pumps, valves, heaters, fittings etc. Such preliminary tests can quickly and inexpensively demonstrate the proof-of-principle of a new application.  Often, a client may have already performed these tests and is looking to Chemionex to further develop the process and bring it to full-scale commercialization.

Laboratory Pilot Plants

Chemionex has several automated laboratory pilot plants on-hand that are perfect for operation of ion exchange processes. Custom units can also be constructed as required.

These pilot plants can be fitted with columns of varying diameter. Features include:
• Clear PVC columns are typically employed for IX vessels.
• 1/4” -1/2” OD plastic tubing with compression fittings is typically used for all process piping. This facilitates making changes ‘on-the-fly’.
• Flows are controlled with PTFE pneumatically actuated diaphragm valves.
• Solutions are conveyed with variable speed, motor-driven TFE positive displacement diaphragm pumps or peristaltic pumps
• Flows are measured by electronic flow sensors with digital indication on flow transmitters.
• pH and toroidal conductivity controls are incorporated into the process where appropriate
• Logic for the process is provided by programmable logic controllers (PLC). (all programing is done in-house)

More images for pilot plant setup

• Touch-screen operator interface panels provide digital indication of accumulated solution volumes and set points for each process step.
• Set point adjustment is also provided through the panel
• Plastic tanks of various sizes are available to store feed solutions and collect effluents.
• Teflon electric immersion heaters are available to heat process solutions

Reverse osmosis/nanofiltration units (high pressure and low pressure) are also available, along with membrane coupon test cells.

Electrical power is available at 110, 220 V single phase or 460, 575 V three phase.

Analytical Capabilities

Chemionex has extensive in-house analytical capability. This ensures that experimental results can be quickly and accurately assessed. These include: • Flame atomic absorption spectrophotometer • UV/visible spectrophotometer • Ion chromatograph • Ion selective electrodes • Low-high range conductivity • pH meters and controls • Digital density meter • Online and bench-scale turbidity measurement • Total suspended solids measurements • Conventional volumetric analysis (i.e. Titration)

Inventory and Work Shop

As Thomas Edison once said ‘to invent something you need a good imagination and a lot of junk’. Chemionex maintains a large inventory of valves, pumps, controls, plastic pipe, tubing and fittings. We even have our own work shop, with basic fabrication capabilities. Projects are never delayed for minor repairs or for lack of a component.