Project Methodology

Although no two projects are identical, there are often similarities to something that has been done previously, either by Chemionex or someone else.  Regardless, a typical project usually will take the following path.  Chemionex will work with the client throughout the entire process.

  • Review the project with the client and fully define the problem and their objectives.
  • Review the Chemionex project data-base for similar applications.
  • Review the published technical literature and discuss with ion exchange resin and membrane manufacturers.
  • Do bench-scale proof-of-principle tests. Often a client may have already done such tests, but doesn’t have the expertise or resources to bring it to industrial-scale.
  • Devise a process to achieve the objective.
  • Assemble an automated lab-scale pilot plant. Chemionex has several programmable pilot plants that can be quickly and inexpensively configured for various applications.
  • Test the process with the lab pilot plant on either client-supplied solutions, or synthetic solutions based upon client specification. Chemionex has full, in-house analytical capabilities to quickly and accurately assess the process performance.
  • Operate a pilot plant at the client’s site for an extended period.
  • Do the process design for the industrial-scale process.
  • Work with equipment manufacturers to design and construct an industrial-scale plant.
  • Assist with commissioning the industrial-scale plant.